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Harris Brakmic - Software Engineer


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I'm a software engineer experienced in frontend and backend development. I have twenty years of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions with a wide range of application and technology skills. Proven ability to leverage full-stack expertise to build highly scalable applications. Extensive expertise in large system architecture design and development.



Extensive experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular, and React.


Working with .NET since 2004. Later switched to .NET Core. Main language C# with occasional jumps to TypeScript when developing .NET-based web applications.


I've contributed code, documentation and bug fixes to various open source projects.

* Bitcoin
* Bosque Programming Language
* Morphir
* Ractive.js
* Riot
* OpenDNP3
* WebAssembly (binaryen)
* Bisq


Writing a technology focused blog since 2015.


Published various articles on OpenBSD in the German magazine FreeX.

General Knowledge:


* Computational Linguistics, Information Science - University of Düsseldorf, 2004;


* E-mail: brakmic at gmail dot com
* Github:
* Twitter: brakmic
* Web:
* Blog:

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